Friday, December 23, 2011


It's almost Christmas! I just can't resist sending out some of my lovely red daylily seedlings that bloomed for the first time last summer. I don't know why I like the vibrant reds so much but I do! Maybe it's because I was a red-head (actually auburn) and in my era, red-heads were never allowed to wear red!

Red is such an alive color...especially the Cardinal and Cranberry reds...those are my favorites. It (red) is very difficult to capture with a just expect the reds to be even more vibrant!This first one(above) is out of my GRAND PALAIS seedling and another seedling named 'Blueprint' out of BIG BLUE on one side.

This one with all it's "Christmas Finery" is garden-named "Cub Scout" out of (CRITICAL MASS X BEAR CLAWS). It's a real favorite of mine!

UPDATE: Now registered as ABLAZE IN GLORY and is available in my Spring 2013 introductions. You

 may see more information by going to 

This daylily  above was so beautiful the first time I saw it that I garden named it "Impressive". It is out of JOAN DERIFIELD X UKN(possibly LEXINGTON AVENUE or COLLECTOR'S CHOICE) I am hoping to line it out this spring for a possible 2013 introduction. 

UPDATE: Now Registered as IMPRESS ME, "she" will be available in my Fall 2013 selection of Introductions.

and now for the last pic, a plethora of reds...sort of like all the presents under the Christmas tree with all the beautiful wrappings!The beautiful one in the center is not yellow at all,,think ivory white with a vivid red eye and thick red ruffled edging.



  1. Nancy, all are quite fetching lads and lassies and I especially fond of the first one with all the nice teeth and the ivory with red eye and petticoat, just really love that one!

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca, I appreciate your input!
    the Ivory with Red Eye and Petticoat(cute!) is out of Ageless Beauty