Monday, January 2, 2012


Hi to all of you and may you be blessed this New Year!

I heard the phrase "IF WALLS COULD TALK" this AM on the morning news and it triggered a memory of

my past when I was teaching a Community Education group on 'The Home You Live In'. In that

class/seminar I read to the adult students (hardly my style of teaching, but in this case apropos) a magazine

article with the title 'IF WALLS COULD TALK'. The writer/designer was relating how our homes and what

we put on the walls told a lot about us. Whether it be pictures or mirrors or wallpaper or borders or paint or

paneling or brick, let your imagine run wild and you will portray yourself (both your style and or your status

or both)...with how much glitz and glamour or simplicity, or anything in-between, the walls in your home tell a

lot about you. Of course, as TV host/Designer Nate Bremer reminds us we need to keep our spouse in the

equation also. I always wanted to do a show like that, but that was before Home and Garden TV shows

came alive.

 My walls show that I like color and lots of pictures( even when simplicity is in). In fact, whenever we move-

it has been many moves- the pictures go up FIRST! Then I feel that I am at home....oh I have to admit that

the foundation for the pictures is already there....whether it is a painted or wallpapered, paneled or brick

wall...I have had all of them.

When I did a color seminar, I mentioned that in reading about the Psychology of Color, the author (unable to

remember who to credit it to) stated that orange walls are a very stimulating color and if you have an orange

bedroom, you won't be able to sleep. At that very moment, in a very sedate group, a lady spoke up "I have

 that! That's why I CAN'T SLEEP!!"  The whole group laughed, the writer of the article and myself  had a

lot more credibility and we had a great time. I also read somewhere that when prison cells were painted

'Bubblegum Pink', the prisoners, who were quite incorrigible, became much easier to work with. The author

credited it to the color of a Mother's womb, and whether that was an accurate assessment or not, the fact

remains:the prisoners were calmer.  COLOR INFLUENCES OUR LIVES...both negatively and positively.

I love jewel tone colors so I have a deep forest green (I know, it isn't "in" right now) bedroom with lots of

white moulding (British spelling) on the walls and at the ceiling, which sets off the dark green beautifully. I use

accents of red, deep blue and forest green and white in printed fabric on the window and the quilt that brings

it all together. Oh and of course, I have two pictures over the bed that have red holly hocks and red roses

....had to have my pictures!!! When I go into that room, it give me both peace(deep green) and joy (vibrancy

of red) which comforts me for the night. I know there are many many other color schemes that will achieve

that, but that's the jewel tone colors I like.  Do those walls talk? Yes they do, they tell what I like and what I

want to portray  and also(probably) that I am content with those colors.

Just a note as a designer: If I didn't have all the white painted moulding, dividing up the green spaces

vertically every 40" I would not have used the forest green in such massive amounts. Instead I would have

painted just one wall green, or wainscoated all the walls, either 1/3 or 2/3 of the way up the wall in green or

in white, (with the reverse white or green the rest of the way)depending on how much daylight the room had.

The other rooms in my house are more neutral, except the bathroom (Sapphire Blue-with all the white

moulding again) and the Kitchen backsplash (deep Cranberry Red). I want my friends and neighbors to be

comfortable, no matter what their tastes, thus the common areas get simpler colors and smashes of impact

color from a chair or a window treatment or even pictureS. That capital 'S' was not a typo! I like pictures!

These walls are also essential for our PROTECTION, our WARMTH and our SUPPORT, not just beauty.

But unfortunately, too often we transfer those walls to our innermost selves. And that is what I want to

address now if you are still with me.

It is our natural reaction to want to protect ourselves from hurt and harm. Our instinct takes over when a fire

is coming at us, just like when the fire of anger or destruction comes at us. We dive for cover, even into the

deepest recesses of our hearts, our souls (the Mind, Will and Emotions) and our spirits. It is only natural to

 desire warmth, nurturing warmth, affirming warmth, and even comraderie instead of icy cold treatment, in-

difference or many other forms of rejection.

Unfortunately, over many years of disappointments we train ourselves not to be vulnerable to those hurtful

situations and destructive forces. We wall off ANYTHING that might remind us of someone or something

that has hurt us....



Even to the cost of helping that same person that needs your help or might  hurt you-because they don't

deserve it, even if they have changed-


While you keep the WALL OF PROTECTION up for yourself, you leave out the exact thing that God may

be wanting you to do, the EXACT thing that my bring restoration to your life, and the one who hurt you.

That's how God works....

He is the God of Restoration.....have you ever had the privilege of restoring a wall or even a house? Oh the

joy that comes from

all the VISION,

all the HARD WORK,


and all the SKILL

that goes into RESTORATION

 In the end it is SO WORTH IT! So dear friend, If God is telling you AGAIN to 'TURN THE OTHER

CHEEK', FORGIVE SEVENTY X SEVEN' or 'GO THE EXTRA MILE' I urge you to listen and

do...God made you, God loves you, and He wants the best for you AND the other person who has hurt you

so badly. May you be an INSTRUMENT OF HIS PEACE, may your walls TALK with JOY and

FORGIVENESS and PEACE. Your part is rather easy -I know that's got to be hard to believe- but it

is....Because God gave us His son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be the Peacemaker, the Counselor, the

Forgiveness, and the Restorer of all the broken walls, built askew, that you have tried to protect yourself

with.... No-one can ever PROTECT you like God can, but He does require us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES

and states that LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS and  when we tell God "I can't do it. He says

" let Me do it because I have the answer and MY WAYS are not your ways"....My Ways are


other person, Vengeance is mine..not yours...your anger, your indifference, your malice, your bitterness, your

rebuttal, does nothing but ruin your body through many afflictions and your whole attitude towards life and

others..I want you to be FREE to love Me and others, Free to have color in your life, not bleakness and

darkness, but the JOY OF COLOR ... after-all..I made color!

I had no idea I was going to share all of this with you, but I believe it is for someone right now and I pray it will be a turning point in your life...I only thought I would be talking about my decorating experiences....

So now I want to share with you some of the COLOR FROM THE FIELD that God seemed fit to give us this past summer. These are all first year seedlings, with great potential. I am anxiously awaiting to see them this next summer and see how they have fared the winter. This first one is a (KEY TO MY HEART X RED FRIDAY) and shows a red pattern that I hope will be even better this summer.

The one above the red patterned one is out of an IMPERIAL WIZARD cross, I love the large white watermark. 

Below is from the Lily Auction seeds purchased (GUIDED BY VOICE X ASHWOOD SMOKEY JOE)

And the last one for today out of MANDALAY BAY MUSIC x sdlg Firstbourne" This one was g'named "Bulley Bay" because it is SO VIGOROUS!

Hope you enjoyed them, and any comments would be very welcome!

PS I just decided to send you an interior pic of our home which will show you the vertical mouldings I was speaking about. This is one of the neutrally painted rooms. The occasion for all the daylilies was my 2yr old G'daughter's b'day and I played a game with her older sisters to go find all the daylilies I had placed in various places. (I had just brought in from the field that morning). We had a lot of fun! 

PPS for those of you who don't know, you can always click on the pictures and they will be larger to see...


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