Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's been over 10 years now since I left our FOUR SEASONS GARDEN CLUB up in Cambridge Mn. It was such a joy in helping to start that club (as part of the hours needed to become a Master Gardener). I really miss that club. One of the fun parts of the "job" was to organize the Christmas Party. My friend Trudy and I came up with some songs to sing (our own version of Christmas Carols) that evening. I just came across the lyrics of some of them and thought I would share them with you.

       I'M DREAMING OF A SPRING GARDEN (to the tune of "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas)

   I'm dreaming of a spring garden

     Just like the ones I've seen in print
             With Azaleas blooming
             And Butterflies Zooming
         To flutter on a bright Peony.

   I'm dreaming of a spring garden
   Landscaped like ones that I adore
 May my plans bring success and more
 And may all the gardens bring rewards.

We sang these "Carols"  every Christmas for a few years....I have no idea if they are singing them anymore!
Here's another one: 

      TWELVE WEEKS OF GARDENING (to the tune of "The twelve days of Christmas) 
  In the FIRST  week of Gardening - my soil gave to me:
             A mass of bright, green weeds.
             Two muddy puddles and
             Three rows of planting,
             Four hours of watering,
             Five seeds a-sprouting,
                Six hours of weeding,
             Seven bugs a-munching,
                Eight hills of gophers,
               Nine hours of mulching,
          Ten more days of sweating,
            Eleven crows a-robbing,
           Twelve bushels of harvest,
           And a turkey in an oak tree....

and just one more (we came up with 9 !!)

     OH, GARDEN CLUB (to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree)

        OH, Garden Club,  Oh Garden Club,
         Each season's always special

        With plantings, tours and projects,
            accomplishments a-plenty

        Oh Garden club, Oh Garden Club,
          Each season's always special.

You can tell by these lyrics what a special club we had and how much they understood gardening!  
Just to help me to remember that  summer is just a few months away, I want  to feature one of my favorite seedlings from this last summer. It is out of COSMIC SENSATION X SEIZE THE NIGHT and it is a deep purple with a really white toothy edge...we garden-named it "Dark Clouds".

I hope everyone is having a special time getting ready for this wonderful time of the year. AND KEEP ON DREAMING OF THAT SPRING GARDEN ....!!! Please feel free to share these with whomever you would like...hope you enjoyed them!



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