Wednesday, December 7, 2011


You might have just seen the wonderful architecture that was represented in my Christmas Village posts. I think that  was what first brought me into the wonderful world of Christmas Village collecting...and did I collect! I remember the beginning VERY WELL! Actually there was an earlier beginning when my sister had already developed a wonderful Dept.56 Village and I looked forward to viewing it every year. Little did I think I would ever be able to achieve something like that(cost prohibitive for me), so just made it a point to enjoy hers.

BUT along came my friend Margaret.....I had just been released after 3 weeks in a nursing home after recovering from a broken hip. It was either early Dec or late Nov and she encouraged me to go shopping with her (which we did quite regularly..) so I didn't need much encouragement...and she made it really easy, 'cuz , at Wal-mart they had wheelchairs with large baskets in front of them and she wheeled me wherever I wanted to go! 
Of course we had to go to the Tree Trimmings area so I could buy my one special ornament for the year. Well..I forgot all else when I came across a bevy of Christmas Village ENTICEMENTS, or at the least call it opportunities because  they were only $9.97 each for some of the nicest and most interesting buildings I could actually afford! We proceeded to fill the basket, for after all, I NEEDED a village, not just one or two  would do! Now many years later (I think that was around 1998) I have over 100 village buildings and have given many gifts-their choice- and besides, then I could find EVEN MORE possibilities to add to THE VILLAGE. Needless to say, the fascinating figurines and gazebos and gates and walls certainly got into the collection also. A few years ago, when I realized I had no more space to store them and no more expansion space (rooms) to put them in, I stopped buying any more. I have to confess, the "thrill of the hunt" was a lot of fun...and the temptation was still I had to make a point of not even going to that area so that I wouldn't yield to that temptation.

There's certainly a spiritual lesson there, if one wants to see it! 

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