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  When I was thinking about my next blog I wasn't sure what I
would write about. There has been a wonderful plethora of new
blogs out there in this wonderful Daylily World and I have
enjoyed them immensely! I found myself second guessing my
reason for a blog and if I was really supposed to be doing this. I
think, truthfully, it was just my normal insecurities of comparing
myself to everyone else. I am very sure I am not alone!

When I look at all the wonderful new daylily patterns emerging,
 I also wonder if I will ever "succeed" in that arena.  

Another disappointing reaction ...

 I shouldn't care...

I need only to please myself...

It's 'only' a daylily -for heaven's sake!

Why is it that so many times my gut-level, knee-jerking
REACTIONS tend to dictate how I govern my life? I guess it's only
 human nature, at least mine, that's for sure!

I am both a people pleaser and a people lover so with that
 combination, it's quite difficult to please and love ALL the people
ALL the time! I should remember to tell myself that when it comes
to my "RED PATTERN" hybridizing program and just focus on it
 and remember to forget that, after all it's not really in my control,
but God's.

I am amazed at how many times I think I will  breed for a certain
 result and so many times, last summer, when the new babies
 showed their colors, the results were far greater than I could have
 ever imagined! All, I did was try to have a 


                                      IMPLEMENT THE PLAN

                             COLLECT THE RESULTING SEEDS

                                      PLANT THE SEEDS

                                    AT THE PROPER TIME

                                     IN THE PROPER WAY



                                Oh, if only it was THAT "easy"!

I still need to water and weed and mulch and stay at the task for at
least one year-but MOST times three years. Oh, and it's not just
 one seed we are talking's between 3,500 and 10,000
depending on the year!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be assured that we could plan
out our own lives that "easy" and be assured that a beautiful
PATTERN FOR LIVING would be the results??!! 

Actually, there is-and it's found in the book of Proverbs. 

                               It's pretty clear-cut,
                 discussing the good and evil ways of man  
                 and shows how The Creator looks upon it 
             and the consequences and rewards(BLESSINGS)
                                        that result when we follow
                                        God's Pattern For Living.

                             He's pretty clear about 
                    weeding out the sins in our lives,
                 planting seeds of belief that God's ways are 
                                 better than my ways
       watering them with tears of joy and tears of sorrow, 
            mulching them  with faith to persevere through 
                          the difficult storms of life
                                                           and while 
                     waiting for the blessings to come,
                                     to persevere.  

I would love to share with you some of my seedlings that I hope to
 cross to attain a 'red on red' pattern. 
One of my mentors(although I am afraid he would deny that term)
told me a few years ago  that I could try to get a pattern by 
crossing a watermark to an eyed cultivar. Well I was thrilled with
that information, since I had numerous watermarks to work with
and my son had lots of eyed things.

Then, along came a seedling out of one of
my many auction wins
and we called it 'Red-Red' as it had two very strong reds that just drew me to it. 
To the right is a pic of Red-Red (HEARTS OF FIRE X MORT MORSS) from last summer.
Below is a pic of the clump in all its glory.

Now here is the seedling that I hope to cross with Red-Red. It is out of 
and it is one of my own breeding-either 
JIM  SPENCER or ANGEL'S BRAID are the possible parents on the other side.

I have a full sib to this one above that isn't as fancy and I will cross this one with Red-Red also....

if your'e still with me, I will also use Red-Red with my seedling (JOAN DERIFIELD X a RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT kid, garden-named 'Truth' . this seedling has velvet red hues with a pink eye and I am thinking Red-Red and this one will do quite well together...we'll see!

I actually have a lot more, but think it would be wise to just share one more with you. Another seedling , this
and it has a lot of the same colors of the above seedling, but an even larger watermark.

Just one more thing, I was privileged to attend the Hybridizer's Spring Fling at Karol Emmerich's

(Springwood Gardens) a while ago and we had such a great time. She has such a wonderful program...I

 don't know how she does it! I was privileged to bring home a bloom of Stamile's WALTER KENNEDY

 and if the pollen 'stayed alive' I plan on using WALTER KENNEDY on these same seedlings.

This past summer I was fortunate to see for the first time some seedlings that have the red -on -red pattern
 and I plan on line breeding with them also. 

To all of you 'Dayliliy Lovers' and to you my friends that are 'Daylily Appreciaters' I want to thank you for
your time....I would love hearing ideas from you hybridizers that know the 'Art of Hybridizing' better than I.

So now you know my plans for red-on red patterns.

 May we all know, AND may we all learn to apply

 God's Pattern For Living

 for He knows it so much better than we,
His mere "seedlings"!


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