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Hello daylily fans and others that read this blog.

 I am continuing to feature the Lily Auction seedlings that bloomed last summer, after just one year in the

ground. That's important, because in our zone, it is "more normal" to see them bloom in 3 years! I will be

 using the best of these in my different hybridizing programs. I will use their pollen this year and will 'lightly'

 set pods on them also since this will be their second year of bloom and should show me more of what they

 are all about. It's by the third year that any obvious flaws should scream at me. IE; if the scape stays too

 short and the blooms don't rise above the leaves or if it isn't fertile either way (I always like it when they are

 fertile both ways, but if I had to choose between pod and pollen, it would be pod, (capable of carrying

 seed). Another obvious flaw would be lack of vigor. If it doesn't increase in the amount of scapes it gives, it

 tells me that I either have it in very poor soil (which is why I transplanted a lot of them last August and Sept.)

 or they just don't like the stress of the cold winters. They are all treated the same way-same amount of rain

 and sun, mulch and weeding...etc.etc. The only difference has been, in the past, a rocky, sandy soil up at the

 top of a shallow slope along a tree line. the rest of the land I use for planting has fertile clay loam. So, with

 probably a lot more words and reasons that could be stated, I will proceed to put some pictures up of last

 year's seedlings from the 2009 Auction, that got refrigerated(stratified) all winter and got planted 2010.



 Both have very nice toothy edges, which I expect will be even more toothier on their second year of bloom...we'll see!!

this next one below is a 6" bloom with ivory teeth out of (COSMIC SENSATION X GOD SAVE THE QUEEN) and it is a vivid red purple in color.

and below we have a full sib to the one above, but  royal purple in color with very white sharp teeth, with a yellow gold throat...very striking! It's "coat' has a rich velvet sheen.

below is a closeup of it so you can see the sharp teeth a whole lot better

If you looked at the previous post you saw some of the GOD SAVE THE QUEEN progeny, what difference that another parent can make-just like in "real life".

For a change of color, and change of genetics let me show you a seedling our of (ASIAN EMISSARY X 

GYPSY OF GASCONE) above. I might add that anyone who has been bidding on the Lily Auction might 

be familiar with the alias 'gran' who developed and created the Gaskins introductions and GYPSY OF

 GASCONE is one of their breeding.

Below is one of my favorites, which is out of only 5 seeds bought on the auction and there are more to

 bloom, but this is the only (and maybe the best!) seedling to bloom last summer.This is what I saw for the

 very first time of this cross. It is out of (PREMIER SURPRISE X JERRY NETTLES # 403) X

 (ALIQUIPPA) for those of you who are interested.

above is a closeup of her(garden-named Miss Priss) on another day

The one above and the ones below all have one common parent,

 Patrick Stamilie's  beautiful red TALLEDEGA. 

I am amazed at all the variety of colors it offers! The other parents are either LARRY'S OBSESSION, 


Maybe you can guess who you would match up as the other parent??

Thanks for taking a look at these "Auction Babies" and I hope you will be able to discern as to when it is

 important for you to be hasty, and when it is necessary to exhibit self-control in all of your life's decisions. I

 know for myself, if I were to be hasty in the Lilly Auction venue AGAIN-NOW AT THIS TIME , I would

 be creating a lot of trouble for myself-I am already overwhelmed by the work, the joy, the possibilities, the

 time, the focus, and the highs and the lows. I don't need anymore distractions of more Auction seeds....then

 I would be ignoring the seedlings that my own fervor and enthusiasm created, not giving them the time and

 attention, thinking about what cultivar would be the best one to breed it too, or maybe even, 

being waaaay toooo tired to even go and breed it-the easiest part of this "career".. 

What have I learned from this HASTY ADVENTURE? (hey that would be a great name for a daylily

 introduction wouldn't it!!!)

I have learned that it is way too easy to lose control and reap the benefits AND consequences of life if I

don't set for myself perameters-better known as limits...

after all, I am supposed to be old and wise at my

 age...unfortunately..I am still learning- 

aren't we all!!

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