Thursday, January 31, 2013



Hello! I have thought of Blogging for over a year now...collected things to write about, written out musings, stored them in a special place for when I would officially enter "Blogdom".

Why do Blogs appeal to me? I DON'T KNOW!    

  Maybe it is because I enjoy people so much...
  Maybe it is because I have a lot to say....
  Maybe it is because I want to share my experiences...
 Maybe it is because I am just naive!

My biggest concern was (and is) that I won't post often enough as that is probably my biggest "pet peeve" with Bloggers. Just when I follow one that I think is really interesting, they don't blog for another month or even longer.I pray that that doesn't happen to me...unfortunately, it probably will at one time or another.

At this point in my life of 69 years, I am a Daylily Hybridizer and 'round 'bout May all the way through Sept I am VERY BUSY and have a hard time focusing on much else. I know....maybe I can make up for the posting lulls during that time, right now! Also, I am in the middle of creating a website, so I guess I have REALLY jumped in!

You can find the website IN PROGRESS at:   if you would like to get a peak.

So, new friends, I look forward to meeting you  and making new friendships, talking about some of our passions in life; 
God, Family, Gardens and Castles (aka Homes). 
Please feel free to express yourselves as I too will try to be open and honest with you. So thanks for "Jumping in" with me!


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